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Mental Health/Eating Disorders for the Delaware Area

Women talkingAmerica is being hit with a mental health epidemic. In 2020 alone, 21% of adults experienced a mental illness. At some point in their lifetime, 50% of Americans will be diagnosed with a mental illness. This doesn’t even take into account the ordinary stresses of daily life.

Research shows that common mental illnesses relate to the foods you eat. Our nutrition counseling at First State Health & Wellness will help you identify diet and lifestyle changes you can make to improve your mental health, no matter which battle you’re fighting.

Giving Your Brain the Nutrients It Needs

Everyone has been through enormous stress in the past few years. Trauma can throw the brain off kilter, leading to everything from frustration and fatigue all the way to depression and anxiety.

Your diet plays a key role in delivering vital nutrients to the brain to help you adapt to daily stresses. Your gut is often called your “second brain” because of its direct impact on your mental health.

Restoring You to Mind and Body Wellness

Thankfully, nutrition therapy can help improve mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression and other neurological conditions like autism and ADHD. Sarah Bridge will identify any nutrient deficiencies you may have. She’ll then build a personalized plan of care ranging from food recommendations to lifestyle changes and supplements.

She also provides care for people struggling with or recovering from an eating disorder by giving customized guidance on how to bring your eating habits back into balance.*

*In order to see Sarah for nutrition therapy for an eating disorder, you must be seeing a therapist/mental health specialist and be in recovery or out of inpatient/hospital for at least one month and not be in a life-threatening crisis.

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