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Pain doesn’t take a vacation!

Lewes Chiropractic joins our Rehoboth Beach office in providing care to residents and visitors of our beautiful Delaware beaches. Whether you are with us full time, visiting on vacation or just down for the day, we are here for you! Our award-winning physicians are compassionate, attentive, committed and inspiring, making them trusted partners on your health care team.

This truly integrative practice blends chiropractic care, acupuncture, nutrition and exercise for excellent outcomes in relieving pain and sustaining optimal health and well-being—without drugs or surgery!

If you think that you or a loved one could benefit from chiropractic care, contact us today and let’s get started!

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First State Health & Wellness | 12100 Black Swan Dr, Ste 103 | Lewes, DE 19958 | (302) 644-5750

  • My lower back muscles and SI joint suddenly became very inflamed. I needed to see a chiropractor immediately and read about Dr. Tomko…I was able to get a new patient appointment within 1 day. Dr. Tomko is caring, extremely knowledgeable, and explains everything in detail. I highly recommend both Dr. Tomko and his excellent staff. *Note: he is in the new Lewes location — the facility is beautiful!

    - Rachael
  • Zach is the man, not only does he spell his name the correct way, he gives you the attention, details, and professional advice that you need to achieve a higher quality of life. His care was genuine and efficient. I would highly recommend anyone considering professional assistance to reach out and schedule as early as possible.

    - Zach W.
  • I developed a spine condition called “dish”, and tried a few chiropractors in the area with not much in the way of results. I made my appt. with Dr. Tomko and he has made my condition much more tolerable. It’s been a month and I feel so much better! I know there’s no cure for what I have but I’m very impressed with his knowledge and the manner in which he explains things. I highly recommend him.

    - David L.
  • Dr. Tomko listened, was respectful of my concerns, was professional and personable. He explained his course of treatment well. My significant lower back pain was better (in conjunction with PT) in just a few weeks. Mabel was always upbeat, and well informed.

    - Janet M.
  • My back pain started improving almost immediately, and now, a few weeks in, I’m sleeping through the night, moving much more easily, and feeling so much better! Not only that, but my stress levels are way down, and I’m exercising more. If you are dealing with chronic pain, just take that first step and call First State Health and Wellness. You will be glad you did.

    - Christina B.
  • I appreciated the time taken, the comprehensive plan and the compassion shown by the entire staff. Dr Tomko walked me through both the process and the injury and relieved my anxiety. I am on my way to wellness with a solid game plan to follow and a bright outlook. Thanks for your outstanding care.

    - Beth D.
  • The staff is very attentive and helpful. Dr. Farrell is the best.

    - Frank G.
  • Dr. Tomko is very kind, patient and very knowledgeable. He listens attentively and does not make me feel like he is rushing me just to get to the next patient. He honestly makes me feel like I am his only appointment of the day. It is important to him that I am pain free and continue to remain that way. He is easy to talk to. He offers suggestions on how I can continue to remain pain free with little things I can do at home to support what he does in the office. If you want an overall wellness experience, I would recommend First State Health and Wellness. They are top notch!

    - Sue S.
  • Zachary Tomko is a fantastic provider. He is compassionate and empathetic. He provided me with excellent chiropractic care and is getting me out of pain!! His clinical and administration staffs are friendly and caring too.

    - Philip M.
  • Dr. Farrell and the whole team were super nice and I feel great about the care I received.

    - Christopher B.
  • I have been going to chiropractors for more than 35 years and Dr Tomko is without a doubt the most competent and truly caring chiropractor I have ever had!!! The entire staff in the Lewes office is so friendly, nice and embracing that it feels like a family of which I was lucky to feel included. With each visit, Dr Tomko was able to relieve my severe symptoms which allowed me to enjoy my day! For that I will be forever grateful and loyal.

    - Dennis N.
  • Dr Zach Tomko is a wonderful and trusted chiropractor. He is observant and knows exactly what to do to bring about the healing needed. I highly recommend him if you are looking for a focused listener to both your words and your body. He is supported by a friendly and competent staff. They smile and greet you and always have time for a kind word. Also, wait time almost doesn’t exist. The facility is easy to find with ample convenient parking.

    - Beverly M.
  • Headaches…Dr. Tomko treated me with the activator and I got immediate relief. I continued care 2x a week for a few weeks and the results have been excellent. I highly recommend Dr. Tomko. His Enthusiastic approach to you getting better is refreshing!

    - Barbara B.
  • This was my first experience with a chiropractor and I did not know what to expect. What I found was a doctor truly trained in his field, a very capable and highly trained staff and a one-on-one relationship that has made my recovery process very positive. Within the first week I could see improvement and was feeling better and better. I strongly recommend anyone seeking the benefits of chiropractic services to utilize First State Health & Wellness.

    - Eric D.

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