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Nutritional Counseling for the Delaware Area

Offered At All Of Our Locations

Do you experience vague, undiagnosed symptoms such as mood swings, headaches, weight resistance, skin conditions, restless sleep, digestive issues, painful joints, etc. that you’ve “just learned to live with?” Have you been to multiple doctors yet still don’t feel well? Are you simply frustrated by endless mixed messages about how to eat well, exercise and lose weight? Are you seeking drug-free care and pain relief?

We believe that truly integrative care addresses the physical, emotional and chemical pillars of health.

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Our chiropractors and nutritionist will work with you to address imbalances that may be causing frustrating symptoms and distress.

In addition to chiropractic adjustments, your personalized recommendations may include advanced lab testing, natural supplementation, exercise, and food and lifestyle modifications. Together, we’ll address your unique needs to help you achieve -and sustain- your personal wellness goals.

A wellness-based lifestyle will be your first line of defense in navigating:

Expect to spend at least 90 minutes with our nutritionist, Sarah Bridge while she gathers a detailed medical history. After that, share your story! Tell us about your journey with nutrition: the good, the bad, and the ugly! What has worked for you in the past? What hasn’t? What are your goals? Most importantly, how can we best help you to feel better? A relaxed, informal environment is designed to make you feel comfortable and open to sharing.

Depending on your particular nutritional needs, anywhere from 3-12 follow-ups may be needed. During follow-ups, we will assess goals, progress, and issues faced since your last visit. Supplementation may also be discussed and adjusted, depending on your needs. From there, we can adjust and work through obstacles in a way that may work better. There are no mistakes in nutrition therapy, only learning experiences!

Delayed sensitivities are different than allergies and can be hard to detect because symptoms happen 3 hours to 3 weeks after exposure. Delayed food reactions and chemical sensitivities contribute to chronic low-grade systemic inflammation which can cause ailments such as infertility, unidentified skin conditions, weight loss resistance, chronic “invisible” pain, thyroid dysfunction, diabetes, and the list goes on.

We can test for hundreds of DELAYED food and chemical sensitivities-everything from lemons and garlic, to Red #40-to help identify your immune triggers, avoid exposure, and reduce or even eliminate your burden.

While some labs only look at the IgG antibody, First State Health & Wellness uses the gold standard in delayed food and chemical sensitivity labs to observe lymphocyte reactions. This is akin to peeking inside the immune system for a very clear picture of how the system is responding. Thus giving you a window of opportunity to repair and restore tolerance. Combine your delayed food reactions and chemical sensitivities report with a multi-phase detox and the end result is improved and sustainable health. We suggest speaking with one of our chiropractors to determine if this test is for you!

A micronutrient test is a simple blood test that provides the most comprehensive nutritional analysis available by measuring deficiencies at the cellular level. It is an assessment of how well your body is utilizing 33 vitamins, minerals, amino/fatty acids, antioxidants and metabolites. This information can help our chiropractors evaluate and address deficiencies that can be contributing to your overall health and well-being. If you are taking vitamins but don’t really know why, ask us about a micronutrient test to learn what YOUR body truly needs, or doesn’t need!

Do I have to have a serious health issue to see a nutritionist?

Not at all! Yes, health problems that cause a noticeable disruption in our everyday lives (i.e. stomach problems, headaches etc.) are a very common reason to see a nutritionist, but nutrition is able to help in many, more subliminal and chronic aspects of everyday life (i.e. sleep, mental health, energy levels etc.)

If I see a nutritionist, is weight loss guaranteed?

Unfortunately, not necessarily. Weight is a very complicated, yet arbitrary focus. Weight is not just calories in vs calories out. In reality, counting calories does more harm than good. Along with the food we eat, there are a multitude of other factors that influence weight, including stress, sleep, one’s environment, and genetics. However, these issues can also be addressed and targeted during nutrition counseling.

If I see a nutritionist, are they going to make me stop eating all my favorite foods?

Nope! That’s surely no fun. Eliminating any particular food completely only leads to wanting that food more. My job is to help you incorporate that food in a balanced way into your regular diet.

If you're not a registered dietitian, are you still a nutritionist?

Yes! I am a Certified Nutrition Specialist, which is simply a different path to becoming a licensed nutritionist. Both registered dieticians and certified nutrition specialists help clients in many ways with their nutrition goals and are both avenues to becoming a licensed dietitian/nutritionist (LDN- Delaware’s licensure title). Currently, RDs require a bachelor’s degree in dietetics while CNSs require a master’s degree. Both require an extensive internship program along with multiple hours of continuing education every few years. RD’s can work in private practice but are also found in schools and hospitals. CNSs, on the other hand, are usually solely found in private practice and as part of holistic health care teams, offering private nutrition counselling. CNSs and RDs are the ONLY two titles that are recognized by states across the US. Be wary of others claiming to be “nutritionists” without one of these titles.

Are there only certain health concerns that nutritionists can help with?

Absolutely not. Nutrition affects almost every aspect of our health. Some of the less commonly known areas in which nutrition counseling can be of benefit are mental health, skin issues, headaches, emotional eating, sleep issues, IBS, reproductive issues, and even medication side effects.

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My passion is to help clients feel comfortable in their bodies through nutrition and discover the endless possibilities nutrition and holistic health can offer. Sarah Bridge

Now Accepting Blue Cross Blue Shield and Aetna Insurance for Nutritional Counseling

Contact our Middletown office at 302-828-0048 for assistance verifying your insurance benefits for nutrition consults and watch for additional carriers coming soon!

  • After having my son 5 ½ years ago, I experienced migraines, back and neck pain, bloating, failed dieting and trouble sleeping from the constant stress and lack of attention to my body. Since the first week of care, I have had no headaches, very limited congestion, weight loss after my first cleanse, more energy, less pain each week and I’m sleeping 90% better. The best part is, there is no medication involved and the benefits are even more than expected! Thank you for giving me so much of my health back!
    -Christiana M.
  • Getting the food and chemical sensitivity test done has changed my life! I suffered from terrible acid reflux for years and vomited frequently because of it. Since I’ve eliminated the food and chemicals I react to, I’ve improved rapidly and haven’t vomited since. Thanks First State!
    -Lindsey F.

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Sarah is licensed in Delaware and Pennsylvania and is now available via Telehealth.


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