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Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic is a drugless form of healthcare based on restoring and maintaining proper function of the spine. The spine provides structural support for the body, as well as, protection for the primary components of the nervous system.

Chiropractic philosophy is centered on promoting good health through relieving nervous system irritation. Nerve stress is removed through non-invasive, gentle manipulations called “adjustments.” Adjustments not only restore proper spinal and nervous system function, but they also promote the body’s natural healing process.

The First State Health & Wellness chiropractic approach concentrates on “maintaining health” versus “treating symptoms.” Chiropractic healing acts at the cause of disease while relieving symptoms at the same time.

Chiropractic is very effective in treating conditions such as:

Winner of 6 Readers’ Choice awards, First State Health & Wellness was honored for its healthcare excellence, including the prestigious Best Chiropractic Services award by The News Journal.

First State Health and Wellness has been providing excellence in chiropractic since 1984.

Chiropractic is Making a Difference for our Patients

  • Everyone is very friendly and timely. No complaints.

    - Carol S.
  • I came to First State Health & Wellness because of low back pain. Now, I feel great—100% better with no pain!

    - Kevin W.
  • The entire staff is very friendly and professional in the care of all patients.

    - Stephen P.
  • Very positive first experience. I felt very comfortable.

    - Adrienne H.
  • I highly recommend.

    - James L.
  • Lower back pain was causing difficulty in my day-to-day activities and was especially severe at night. After just two visits, I’ve already started seeing a difference. I’m able to move better and the pain is slowly reducing. I see steady progress and I’m happy about it! The great staff is very professional, polite and diverse. I will personally recommend my family and friends!

    - Sishir D.
  • Thank you all for your professionalism, your friendliness and concerns for clients well-being. I will continue to use your services.

    - Beverly H.
  • Excellent care, very caring and professional from start to completion. Very pleased that I made the decision to seek the care of your team! Thank you!!!!

    - John R.
  • I’ve been visiting chiropractors for years, just got my first adjustment at First State and felt the difference in a very short time. Neck pain gone at once, low back pain improved within an hour and wrist pain felt much better within 20 minutes—it had been bothering me for months and my MD wanted to remove to a bone and fuse two others together. Best adjustment I’ve ever had!

    - A Satisfied Patient
  • It was a great experience. Everyone there was very friendly and helpful. The treatment and procedures were explained thoroughly.

    - Georgeanne M.
  • It was a very nice and calm experience. Although I have a chronic condition Dr. Briggs made me feel like there were options for me. I also loved the fact that he took his time and listened more than I am use to. Thank you for the care.

    - Lori C.
  • I have received both chiropractic services and acupuncture. Both were excellent and have already helped me tremendously. Dr Miller made me feel very comfortable and her professionalism gave me great confidence that I am in good hands. My experience has been wonderful and I would strongly recommend their practice.

    - Paige H.
  • So glad I decided to try First State Health. After being in pain for over a year, finally I had no pain.

    - Gretchen C.
  • I was referred to the team at First State Health & Wellness to help relieve degenerative disc pain that was minimally responsive to physical therapy. They are very honest, knowledgeable and supportive…to have that kind of communication is worth its weight in gold. I’m now in my 11th week of absolutely no pain whatsoever. I’ve gone from struggling with daily activities to fully functioning at 100%. I swear by their care and have learned that it works best if I do my part to maintain what they’ve taught me.

    - Jerry L.
  • I like the scheduling. It is convenient. The people are extremely courteous and professional.

    - Patrick M.
  • I went into this office in pain and came out pain free! I’d say that’s just wonderful!

    - Linda G.
  • Dr. DelCampo was great with my 6-year-old son and explained stretches we could do at home in a way that I could understand and replicate. Thanks!

    - Rachel M.
  • Very relaxed, comfortable, and attentive environment. Well pleased.

    - Timothy H.
  • Friendly staff and very accommodating. I called as a new patient and was immediately seen. I was in a lot of pain and they listen to my needs. Great practice everyone works as a team.

    - Jennifer B.
  • The state-of-the-art equipment, and the pain relieving procedures that were used in my therapy were impressive, and valuable in my recovery, but it was the compassion, professionalism and kindness of everyone involved in my care, that made all the difference to me. My gratitude is without measure.

    - Veronica F.

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