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Work-Related Injuries Care for the Delaware Area

man with back pain working on boxesSuffering from a work-related back, neck, or shoulder injury? The experienced chiropractors at First State Health & Wellness provide comprehensive care to relieve pain, restore function, and prevent long-term problems.

Common Work Injuries We See in Our Clinic

Our clinic sees many patients with musculoskeletal injuries sustained on the job, including

  • Back strains and sprains from lifting or twisting
  • Neck and shoulder injuries from repetitive motions or overexertion
  • Compression injuries to the spine from slips, falls, or accidents
  • Extremity injuries like sprains, tendinitis, etc.
Prompt chiropractic care is key to proper healing, whether your injury occurred suddenly or developed over time due to repetitive stress.

Our Multimodal Approach to Recovering From an Injury

Our practice uses a whole-body approach to diagnose and treat the root cause of your work injury, not just the symptoms. Depending on your individual needs, your custom care plan may involve

We aim to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, restore mobility, and retrain muscles to support proper posture and movement as you recover.

Offering Complementary Therapies for Optimal Results

Chiropractic care works seamlessly alongside other treatments like physical therapy and
medication management under your doctor’s supervision. While PT focuses on strengthening/stretching and medications dull pain, chiropractic addresses the biomechanical root cause to facilitate truly corrective healing.

Whether you’ve suffered a sudden work incident or are dealing with overuse issues like tendinitis or carpal tunnel syndrome, it’s never too late to benefit from chiropractic care. We help relieve acute pain and prevent future chronic problems.

Get the Expert Care You Need

Don’t let a work injury keep you out of commission! Get a complete evaluation and tailored treatment plan from the work injury specialists at First State Health & Wellness. Call us today to schedule.


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