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Gut Imbalances for the Delaware Area

Healing Your Digestive System—and Your Whole Body

Heart hands around stomachDid you know that 75% of your immune system lives in your gut? The gut also affects the health of your brain, skin, and digestive system. As important as your digestive health is, 60-70 million Americans live with chronic gut issues.

At First State Health & Wellness, we offer customized nutrition care to help identify what’s causing your health problem and restore your wellness naturally.

Addressing the Root Cause of Dysfunction

Digestive issues have a range of causes, including poor diet, stress, medications, and common environmental toxins. The current obesity epidemic also plays a role in many cases. Less diversity in your microbiome can cause excess storage of fat, worsening the cycle of poor health. Depending on where you live, some health pitfalls are unavoidable. That makes it even more important to take proper care of your gut in every way you can control.

Eating well is vital to good gut health. Through nutrition therapy and any necessary supplements, Sarah Bridge can help restore your digestive system to balance and health, so you feel good long term.

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What you eat is the foundation of good health. Contact our team today to start your healing journey.


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