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New Patient Reviews

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They Treat You Like Family

Dr Garcia and the staff at First State Health & Wellness are amazing. They treat you like family starting with your first visit. I was a little apprehensive about going to a chiropractor, now I wish I would have made an appointment sooner. I feel so relaxed when I leave, I would highly recommend them.

Janet G.

Top Notch!

I relocated to the Bethany Beach area a year and a half ago and needed to find a new chiropractor to continue to be treated for a pre-existing condition. After my first visit at First State Health and Wellness I began feeling relief from pain I had been carrying with me for the past year. From my initial phone call, I felt like a member of the family. Jamie and Mabel are very professional and very comforting. I was nervous about finding a new chiropractor, and they answered every question I had about the process of getting connected to a new doctor with grace and kindness. They were able to get me in to see Dr. Tomko in less than a week. Dr. Tomko is very kind, patient and very knowledgeable. He listens attentively and does not make me feel like he is rushing me just to get to the next patient. He honestly makes me feel like I am his only appointment of the day. It is important to him that I am pain free and continue to remain that way. He is easy to talk to. He offers suggestions on how I can continue to remain pain free with little things I can do at home to support what he does in the office. If you want an overall wellness experience, I would recommend First State Health and Wellness. They are top notch!

Sue S.

Haven’t Felt This Good in a Long Time

Very professional, knowledgeable and skillful. You felt relaxed, safe and heard. I have not felt this good and pain free in a long time. So very glad I made that first appointment.

William M.

Very Impressed

I am a returning patient – have not had to visit since 2017 – am very impressed with the measures taken to keep patients safe during COVID-19, and love the updated look of the office. Of course, Dr. Mahoney is always great!

Susan O.

Friendly, Patient, & Knowledgeable

I would recommend Dr. Tiffany Garcia and staff at First State Health to all of my friends and family. They are very friendly, patient and knowledgeable.

Ericka T.

Dr. Garcia is Amazing

Dr. Garcia is amazing. My daughter has been raving about her for over a year now. The day I woke up with a stiff neck she said “call Dr. Garcia, she’s the BEST.” Her staff is so friendly and helpful. They work together like a well-oiled machine. So far my experience has been outstanding and I will highly recommend Dr. Garcia

Joanne L.

Great Improvement

I had fallen twice and have osteoarthritis, sciatica, neck and back pain. I received gentle nerve tapping from neck, shoulders, upper back, middle back, lower back and sciatica-this procedure is very gentle but very effective. Every visit I felt better and better with great improvement. The staff is efficient with giving a reminder call before your appointments. The therapist explains what she’s doing in detail and what I’m to expect in regard to my personal situation. I have improved greatly. I thank them for their service!

A Grateful Patient

Showed Me Stretches To Loosen My Tight Body

Vesna Josic Janicijevic showed me some stretches, after my massage, to do to loosen up areas of my body that were very tight. I thought this was pretty great because it was something I could do to help myself. Vesna’s intuitiveness and professionalism make her a very important part of your Team!

Maureen W. RN

Knowledgeable and Engaged

Impressed with Dr. Farrell. Personable, knowledgeable and seemed truly engaged. Hoping this will work for me …I am trying acupuncture for the first time. So far, so good!

Maureen E.

Very Impressed With the Entire Practice

Thank you to everyone. Courtney was extremely kind, caring, and considerate in scheduling my appointment. Beth greeted me on arrival and immediately made me feel welcomed and cared for. Dr. Chris T. did my intake evaluation. He listened carefully to my concerns and made me quickly feel at ease and assured of his competence. His exam was professional and thorough. He explained his findings clearly and reassured me that treatment was available. I then saw Dr. Jessica Bohl and she was exceptional. She was very skillful in chiropractic care and explained every step. Show More

After the treatment she outlined the plan of care and expected results. Dr. Bohl then went a step further when I related my limitations with pain relief medications, and discussed alternatives stating she would research to see if there would be any interactions with my current status. Checkout was smooth, with Courtney’s assistance. I cannot emphasize how impressed I was with the entire practice. I too, work in healthcare and am fully aware of best practices. Each member of your staff met and excelled in all areas – thank you!

Terri W.

Friendly and Very Professional

The staff were friendly and very professional. Dr. DelCampo provides clear explanation on the chiropractic duties that I would explain. I am very happy with my first visit to First State Health.

Margaret F.

Friendly and Very Helpful

When I first walked into the office to my completion of treatment the entire staff were friendly and very helpful! I would recommend my friends looking for a chiropractic office!

Helene P.

Pleasant and Professional

The front desk personnel are all very pleasant, exceptionally professional and helpful. Dr. DelCampo was empathetic to my discomfort and assigned to me a good treatment regime as well as exercises to aid in my own healing. Doctor DelCampo and his staff made me realize how long it has been since I experienced a pleasant, professional medical office where I felt I was more than just a number.

Janet P.

I Instantly Had Better Range of Motion

Dr. Delcampo was superb in identifying what needed to be done. I instantly had better range of motion, decreased pain after my adjustment, stretch/massage and stem. I woke up with less discomfort and am looking forward to my second treatment tomorrow! Thanks for making a difference.

Laura M.

I’m Almost Pain Free

I have been going for about 1 month and I’m almost pain free!

Gregory P.

Thank You!

Thank you for seeing me so quickly!!

Nicole U.

A+ Experience

New to the area and had a fabulous practitioner at my old residence, so glad to have been referred to your practice. My initial experience was an A+ and now I can again look forward to many more years of pain free living, thank you all.

Sharon A.

Very Professional

Very professional in every aspect.

Joanne D.

Competent & Caring

I want to see Dr. Tiffany Garcia for more chiropractic therapy and more acupuncture. I believe the acupuncture is helping with my back pain and was informed that the combination of it with the chiropractic therapy is most beneficial. Dr. Garcia seems competent and caring, and I feel she can really help with my pain rather than getting just prescribed meds from somewhere else. I want to fix the problem or alleviate…..not just take meds.

Nathan P.

Well Run Office

Well run office, even with some people out for Christmas holiday. Dr Farrell was very patient with a first time acupuncture client.

-Thomas F.

Each Visit is a Pleasure!

Everyone is so nice, caring and always full of smiles. It’s a pleasure seeing such happy faces each time I visit. I will definitely recommend this friendly and knowledgeable office to family and friends if the need arises.

-Kelly P.

Excellent Staff

Dr. Garcia and her staff are excellent staff. They are quick with answers to any question, and they thoroughly explain what is going on and what you can expect to happen. I would highly recommend anyone to go here.

-Derrick S.

Fast & Friendly

Never with any doctor or even my own internal HR team have I had my medical benefits explained to me so well. They were fast friendly and efficient across the board.

- Michael N.


The staff at First State Health are delightful! I also enjoy the overall atmosphere. As a new patient, it makes me look forward to my visits. Thanks so much for exceeding my expectations.
- Marcheta B.

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