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Functional Nutrition in Wilmington, Rehoboth
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Could what you’re eating, even healthy food, be making you sick?

Do you experience vague, undiagnosed symptoms such as mood swings, headaches, weight resistance, skin conditions, restless sleep, painful joints, etc. that you’ve “just learned to live with?” Have you been to multiple doctors yet still don’t feel well? Are you simply frustrated by endless mixed messages about how to eat well, exercise and lose weight? Are you seeking drug-free care and pain relief?

First State’s dynamic, team-based Functional Nutrition program embraces a whole-body approach designed to uncover the root cause of your concerns, not simply mask symptoms with medications, creams or fad diets.

Our multi-specialty experts will help you halt unhealthy habits and regain control of the daily decision-making skills required to relieve frustrating symptoms and dramatically reduce your risk for chronic disease. A combination of food, lifestyle modifications, advanced testing, natural supplementation, mindfulness and movement will be crafted into a customized plan that helps you achieve —and sustain— your personal wellness goals.

The First State Health & Wellness Functional Nutrition program will help uncover and repair the root causes of your symptoms, not simply mask them with medication.


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Partners in Health

Our experience has shown that one session doesn’t work. One method doesn’t work. One cookie-cutter program doesn’t work. Ongoing collaboration and a true partnership with your wellness providers is our secret to success. We ask you to take the first step in making your health a priority—schedule a consultation and commit to the process of restoring your well-being. From there, we will create a plan tailored just for you. Health coaches will support your journey and help keep you on track. Our experts will co-deliver outstanding support and ultimately results.

What to Expect at Your First Visit:

  • Paperwork: Upon scheduling your initial consultation, you will be invited to join our online patient portal where you may fill out a paperless health history form at your convenience. If you do not have web access, please contact the office.
  • Welcome! Plan to spend about 2 hours with us to complete your comprehensive intake session. Arrive for your appointment a few minutes early, allowing time to fix a cup of tea and get settled into our beautiful lobby. Relax with amazing aromatherapy and start to breathe more deeply. From there, we invite you to complete your intake forms. Bring with you any supplements or medications you are taking as well as any recent test results. (Alternatively, you can write down this information and bring it with you.)
  • Share Your Story: You will meet with a staff nutritionist in a private office for 60-75 minutes. This is your opportunity to “tell your story” to a trusted healthcare professional. After all, the symptoms, complaints and challenges that you have now didn’t start yesterday (nor will they go away tomorrow). They likely started years and decades ago, and it’s important for the nutritionist to understand your health timeline to be able to develop a custom program for you.
  • Plan of Action: Toward the end of this initial visit, the nutritionist will highlight what the next 3-4 months of your wellness journey will look like. But you won’t implement this custom program alone. We partner every client with a health coach for guidance and support.
  • Getting Started: At the end of your time with the nutritionist, you will meet with a team member to discuss the details, such as lab testing and supplementation.
  • Save the Dates: We will then schedule all of your upcoming 50-minute coaching sessions. Please bring your calendar! (Rest assured, these appointments can always be changed, but it’s important to make this commitment to your well-being a priority by carving out time for yourself at the very beginning of your program.)


What to Expect at Subsequent Visits:

  • Welcome Back! We invite you to arrive for your appointment 15–20 minutes early to enjoy a hot cup of tea, practice some meditative mandala coloring at the dining room table, get inspiration by flipping through a resident cookbook or simply allow for a few restorative deep breaths!
  • Meeting with Your Health Coach: At your appointment time, you will meet with your assigned health coach in a private office. During each session, the two of you will review last session’s “homework” and identify what worked well and where you struggled, and why. This is an opportunity to explore various techniques, to discover which ones best fit your lifestyle and help you achieve balance.
  • It’s a Process! This debriefing process is critical to your success. It is NOT an opportunity to engage in blame, guilt or shame. It MUST focus on identifying strategies that worked and what the critical success factors were AND what didn’t work and what got in the way. Your coach is there to create a safe space for this honest reflection and to help you strategize solutions for implementation and long-term success.
  • Moving Forward: Then, your health coach will introduce 2 – 3 new concepts from your custom program. Together, you will discuss and agree on the specific strategies you will work on implementing until your next session, when you will debrief about that “homework.” We are available every step of the way, to answer questions, or for a dose of inspiration and motivation!
  • Checking In: After completing four visits with your health coach, you will revisit with your nutritionist. This hour-long check-in is to assess progress made and to adjust your custom program, if needed.
  • Once you’ve reached your initial goals, our team is available to insure your health improvements continue!

Are you ready to create your custom plan and finally harness sustainable results? Call or e-mail Wellness@FirstStateHealth.com to schedule your comprehensive Functional Nutrition consultation today!


Meet Stacy Kelly, CWC, E-RYT

Stacy (pictured right) is a Certified Holistic Health Coach at First State Health & Wellness. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communications and is a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, a 200-hour Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher and Reiki III practitioner. She believes in the power of nourishing thoughts, nutrition and movement to facilitate health and relief from emotional and physical suffering. Read More…

Chronic Disease Linked to Lifestyle Choices

Extensive scientific research demonstrates that many chronic diseases are largely caused by lifestyle choices. Once we begin to peel back those layers of compounded toxic habits, you will begin to reveal your best self. We will help you regain control of the daily decision making skills required to enhance your well-being. This First State Health & Wellness program is supervised by our board-certified, licensed chiropractic physicians.

This new wellness lifestyle will be your first line of defense in navigating:

  • Stress Management
  • Food, Chemical & Environmental Sensitivities
  • Male and Female Reproductive & Hormonal Concerns
  • Skin Concerns
  • Weight related conditions
  • Feelings of Fatigue
  • Restless Sleep
  • Weight Control
  • Glucose Balance
  • Thyroid Issues
  • Blood Pressure Concerns
  • Pain and Inflammation
  • Headaches
  • Mood & Behavioral Imbalances
Good nutrition is the foundation of health


  • I came in as a type 2 diabetic with extreme digestive issues. After discovering my underlying food allergies, we revamped my food and lifestyle choices. My A1C and fasting glucose dropped, I’ve lost weight and my medical doctor approved all of my First State supplements while reducing my dose of Metformin!

    -Barbara C.
  • Getting the food and chemical sensitivity test done has changed my life! I suffered from terrible acid reflux for years and vomited frequently because of it. Since I’ve eliminated the food and chemicals I react to, I’ve improved rapidly and haven’t vomited since. Thanks First State!

    -Lindsey F.
  • After having my son 5 ½ years ago, I experienced migraines, back and neck pain, bloating, failed dieting and trouble sleeping from the constant stress and lack of attention to my body. Since the first week of care, I have had no headaches, very limited congestion, weight loss after my first cleanse, more energy, less pain each week and I’m sleeping 90% better. The best part is, there is no medication involved and the benefits are even more than expected! Thank you for giving me so much of my health back!

    -Christiana M.


Delayed Food and Chemical Sensitivity Testing Makes Our Program Unique

Delayed sensitivities are different than allergies and can be hard to detect because symptoms happen 3 hours to 3 weeks after exposure. Delayed food reactions and chemical sensitivities contribute to chronic low-grade systemic inflammation which can cause ailments such as infertility, unidentified skin conditions, weight loss resistance, chronic “invisible” pain, thyroid dysfunction, diabetes, and the list goes on.

We can test for hundreds of DELAYED food and chemical sensitivities—everything from lemons and garlic, to Red #40—to help identify your immune triggers, avoid exposure, and reduce or even eliminate your burden.

While some labs only look at the IgG antibody, First State Health & Wellness uses the gold standard in delayed food and chemical sensitivity labs to observe lymphocyte reactions. This is akin to peeking inside the immune system for a very clear picture of how the system is responding. Thus giving you a window of opportunity to repair and restore tolerance. Combine your delayed food reactions and chemical sensitivities report with a multi-phase detox and the end result is improved and sustainable health!




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