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World's #1 Tennis Duo

Bob and Mike Bryan, Treated by Rehoboth Chiropractor

dr-farrellWhen Bob and Mike Bryan needed a trainer, fast, their coach Dave Marshall of Lewes, Del., reached out to Dr. Audrey Farrell, chiropractic physician and acupuncture practitioner at First State Health & Wellness in Rehoboth Beach. Within hours, Farrell had rearranged her life’s schedule to meet the team in Houston. “It was a whirlwind,” recalls Farrell. “I attended practice as soon as I arrived and had the opportunity to work with them around the clock for a week during practice sessions and matches.” Ever mindful of the chronic injuries and stressors that had accumulated over their years of competition, Farrell employed an array of techniques to keep the 40-year old duo swinging. Sessions that sometimes lasted well into the night included chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture, cupping, trigger point work, stretching, Graston techniques and taping. Even on a night ‘off’ when Farrell enjoyed watching the Bryan brother’s band, she was on hand to perform dry needling for their post-concert sore muscles!

“Dr. Farrell has been instrumental in helping us get back to number 1 in the world at the age of 40. Her immense knowledge of the body and her long list of techniques for quickly treating injuries has kept us healthy and playing our best tennis,

says a grateful Mike Bryan.

“She’s also given us the tools to develop a solid routine for strengthening which has helped prevent any aches and pains while on tour. It’d be a stretch to find anyone more experienced and more versatile than Dr. Farrell.”

Rehoboth Beach Chiropractor Dr Audrey Farrell
“It was an amazing opportunity to explore natural, drug-free strategies with elite athletes,” says Farrell. “Of course it was exciting, but more importantly, I was happy to play a role in helping them perform their best.” To learn more about the techniques used with the Bryan Brothers and how First State Health & Wellness can serve you, visit our Rehoboth office.

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