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The Value of Pre and Postnatal Chiropractic Care

pregnant person sitting on couchDuring pregnancy, a woman’s body undergoes enormous changes to support her baby. In particular, there’s a lot of physical and metabolic stress on the mother. The uterus hangs on a web of ligaments in the pelvic ring, so if there’s any stress or tension in the lower back of the pelvic ring, that can quickly translate into stress in the uterine environment.

Anything you can do to help open up and relax your back will help take pressure off the joints, reduce tension in the muscles, and relax some of that ligament stress that can affect the baby. That becomes obvious later in pregnancy, if a mom’s baby is stuck in the breech position because the ligaments are tight, squeezing on the baby.

Benefits for Mom & Baby

By adjusting the hips and getting things open and moving, and relaxing those ligaments, a lot of times, the baby has less restriction and can turn over naturally on their own. Pregnancy chiropractic care can help the pelvic ring be more relaxed. First State Health & Wellness offers both the Webster Technique and the Bagnell Technique to adjust pregnant women. By helping open up the pelvic ring, labor and delivery can become easier.

How Acupuncture May Help

During pregnancy, acupuncture can help a mother be more comfortable, and relieve back pain and muscle tension. “You have to be aware of what acupuncture points you treat during pregnancy, so there is some due diligence that needs to be addressed there,” said Dr. Douglas Briggs, a chiropractor in our Wilmington office.

According to Dr. Briggs, it’s critical for pregnant patients to find an experienced acupuncturist, because you don’t want to stimulate those points that can trigger contractions.

Help During the Postnatal Period

During the “fourth trimester,” the 12-week period following the birth of your baby, chiropractic care plays a valuable role. That’s because this is the period when a woman’s body is recovering from pregnancy. Chiropractic care can help tighten up the ligaments that become loose during pregnancy, restore the body’s biomechanics, relieve pain, and more.

We want to help you have a more comfortable pregnancy and experience an enjoyable postpartum period. Contact our practice today to book an appointment!


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