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Welcome to First State Health & Wellness in Newark

Newark chiropractor, Dr. Stacy Cohen, founder and president of First State Health & Wellness, has been providing superior patient treatment, education, and satisfaction in the state of Delaware since 1984.

We now have five separate locations throughout Delaware, with twelve chiropractic physicians spread among the 6 locations, three acupuncturists and six certified massage therapists.

Award Winning Chiropractic Office

We are very proud to have won over 20 Wilmington News Journal Readers Choice Awards, including “Best Chiropractic Office” in 2010, 2011, and 2012.

In addition we are the winner of Two Better Business Bureau of Delaware “Torch Awards for Marketplace Ethics” in 2003 & 2009. We are the only medical facility in the state to have won two!

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First State Health & Wellness | 1536 Capitol Trail | Newark, DE 19711 | (302) 454-1200

  • I first came to Dr. Mahoney because I had had such a severe flu that I threw my spine out of alignment with all of the coughing. With correct assessment, wonderful adjustments, and the right treatment, I was feeling better in no time. The best part of my visit though, was realizing that Dr. Mahoney was the very same Dr. that was in the Hockessin office 16 years ago when traditional medicine failed my now 17 year old son! Dr. Mahoney was the only one who realized that a lack of regular adjustments and an allergy to an enzyme in whole milk were causing all of my son’s issues. Two pediatricians, an ENT specialist, and an MRI at AI Dupont failed to come up with anything to explain a constant green runny nose…after seeing Dr. Mahoney for a month my son was right as rain. Myself, and my now 17 year old so, would trust Dr. Mahoney with just about anything now!

    - Michele N.
  • Excellent service and wonderful staff!

    - Roxanne W.
  • Never went to a chiropractor before & was very nervous. Dr. Mike Cohen is amazing! I walked in with pain & walked out with none! I look forward to going weekly. It has become a needed service just as my mani/pedis are! The staff are very friendly & the office is so fresh & clean! I wish I had gone sooner to experience the benefits of chiropractic visits. So much better than just masking the pain with a pill. Will be recommending Dr. Mike & First State Health & Wellness to all my family & friends!

    - Rachael
  • Dr Garcia and the staff at 1st State Health and Wellness are amazing. They treat you like family starting with your first visit. I was a little apprehensive about going to a chiropractor, now I wish I would have made an appointment sooner. I feel so relaxed when I leave, I would highly recommend them.

    - Janet G.
  • I had fallen twice and have osteoarthritis, sciatica, neck and back pain. I received gentle nerve tapping from neck, shoulders, upper back, middle back, lower back and sciatica-this procedure is very gentle but very effective. Every visit I felt better and better with great improvement. The staff is efficient with giving a reminder call before your appointments. The therapist explains what she’s doing in detail and what I’m to expect in regard to my personal situation. I have improved greatly. I thank them for their service!

    - A Grateful Patient

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