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Help Tame the Tension in Your Life With Nutrition

enjoying a nutritious breakfastStress is a natural part of life. It helps us study for a big exam, nail that work presentation, or literally save us from danger; but what happens when we’re just feeling so stressed out all the time?

As many of us can attest, the last 2-3 years haven’t been the easiest. It’s been easier to feel overwhelmed, at your breaking point, and to reach for that glass of wine “just to take the edge off” quicker than we may have in the past.

“My personal philosophy is that nutrition isn’t just about the food you put into your body, it’s everything you allow to enter into your body: food (or lack thereof), drugs, alcohol, negative thoughts, exercise (or lack thereof), and of course, stress,” said Sarah Bridge, nutritionist at First State Health & Wellness.

When asked about different factors affecting our society today in a stress survey, nearly 90% of participants reported they experienced stress regarding various pressures in today’s society. What was even more striking was that there was a 50% increase in stress from 2021 to 2022 alone.

Address Stress With Good Dietary Decisions

There is often little we can do about the stresses in our lives, but personalized nutrition therapy can help a person mitigate these stresses and how our bodies respond to them. We can’t control what’s reported on the news or that one family member is telling us to “just find a nice guy/girl to settle down with already,” but we can choose the food we eat, the nutrients we take in, and the mindset that we choose to have that can make or break how we respond to these stresses.

Sometimes, however, our stress response experiences something so stressful (e.g. the pandemic, death of a loved one, job loss, serious health diagnosis), that it is thrown off kilter and is unable to realign on its own. This can cause our responses to average, daily stresses to be over exaggerated or poorly executed.

“Not all hope is lost, however. Certain herbs and nutrients can help regulate this dysregulation in our fight or flight response, and can get us back to feeling like we can tackle our day-to-day stresses reasonably,” said Sarah.

Take That First Step Toward Better Health

Nutrition therapy isn’t just for the formal medical diagnosis. It is for your daily health and simply for life. Don’t know where to turn next?

Contact us today to schedule your free 10-minute nutrition consult over the phone with Sarah!


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