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Being a Chiropractor Is a "Side Hustle" for This Professional Santa

sc1While Dr. Briggs spends most of his time at the North Pole training his reindeer, polishing his sleek sleigh and overseeing his energetic, albeit mischievous elves, he does have a side hustle as a chiropractor at First State Health & Wellness. It’s important to know that being Santa is his real job.

“I’m just a chiropractor so that I can stay out in the community and keep an eye on people and make sure they’re being nice,” he said.

Getting a break from his vertically challenged high-pitched helpers is vital. “You don’t think I spend all my year at the North Pole; after all, you can only put up with the squeaky voices of elves so often before you just need a break,” said Dr. Briggs.

So what made our Santa want to pack on some fake pounds, put on a red suit and share hearty “Ho, Ho, Ho” greetings to others? “I started doing it for my son when he was a baby and just kind of kept going and started doing it for other people. It just took off from there,” he said. Dr. Briggs even went to Santa College!

A Sought-After St. Nick

While he’s been a Santa for over 20 years, Dr. Briggs has enjoyed this jolly gig professionally for the last decade. He does a lot of events, including Christmas trains, parades, and a Christmas Ball.

He also partners with Sew Classy Royal Events, and they do many Santa and princess appearances at various places. Dr. Briggs also has done events at the Ronald McDonald House, Boys and Girls Clubs, and the Down Syndrome Association.

Spending time with the kids, being a little silly and making little ones laugh and smile is rewarding for Dr. Briggs.

How to Book Dr. Santa

While Dr. Briggs books up 2-3 years ahead, he has some slots open. If you want to schedule him for a holiday event, visit his website,

Gifting Others With Better Health

Just as he’s a benevolent Santa spreading holiday cheer to those he meets, Dr. Briggs is passionate about giving people the gift of optimal health. “If someone has a back injury or is in pain, you get to help them feel better, live better, be better and get back to doing what they want to do,” he said.

Help for Moms-to-Be

shoes-for-baby-sq-400 (1)Coming up on his 28th year in practice, Dr. Briggs not only helps relieve patients’ pain but can also provide help for issues that you may not think chiropractic or acupuncture could address. For example, he works with many IVF patients and finds it rewarding to help them. He also finds it gratifying to work with prenatal patients.

“Many pregnant women have problems with issues like carpal tunnel, headaches, and neck pain, and many medical options are not available to a woman when she’s pregnant. But many of those conditions respond very well to conservative chiropractic care,”
said Dr. Briggs.

He also offers acupuncture to help relax the back muscles and ease round ligament pain. These natural approaches can ease back tension and alleviate symptoms of morning sickness and pelvic pain.

If you could use an extra dollop of holiday cheer this year, just ask Dr. Briggs to give you his best “Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas!” And give yourself the perfect present—optimal health—by booking an appointment today!


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