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5 Natural Ways to Keep Your Family Healthy (Hint: it doesn't include a vaccine!)

Healthy family

Keep your family healthy this fall!

From the Desk of Dr. Jessica Bohl, First State Health & Wellness-Rehoboth

While a vaccination may help prevent four strains of the flu, last year the wrong strains were isolated, making it an ineffective option.

Along with the virus, the CDC warns that you may also be receiving adjuvants such as aluminum salts, thimerosal (mercury), and residual byproducts, including formaldehyde.

Dr. Bohl offers these natural immune-boosting alternatives to protect her family and yours!

1. Get plenty of sleep

When you sleep, your body’s cells rebuild and repair. It’s a necessary part of a healthy lifestyle!

2. Supplement vitamin D, C and zinc

These nutrients are your key to a strong immune response. Pharmaceutical quality, bioavailable supplements are available at First State Health & Wellness. Ask your doctor for dosage recommendations.

3. Avoid added sugar

Consuming only 100mg of sugar halts the immune response for 5 hours, imagine what a constant stream of added sugar does to your body!

4. Wash your hands regularly

It’s especially important to remind children to keep hands out of their mouths, avoid rubbing their eyes and wash their hands thoroughly several times a day, especially before meals.

5. Get regular chiropractic care

Studies show that chiropractic adjustments increase the activity of cells important to the immune response including B cells, T cells, and phagocytes.

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