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What to Expect at First State Health & Wellness

A New Patient Initial Consultation is Always Complimentary!

You'll immediately feel at home the moment you walk in the door of our Newark chiropractic office.

You’ll immediately feel at home the moment you walk in the door of our Newark chiropractic office.

As a new patient, it is our priority to insure you feel welcomed, comfortable and have a clear understanding of the scope of our services. Our team will collect a comprehensive assessment of your needs and conditions, answer your questions, and will share their recommendations for the best course of treatment.

From the moment you arrive at any First State Health & Wellness location, you will be warmly greeted. You will immediately realize you are in a place where the staff really cares about your comfort, and a place where all patients are treated as dear friends. It is important to us that our relationship can go the distance.

You will be asked to sign in, and for a copy of your insurance card. You will then receive the initial paperwork we need completed to get us started with your care.

You will be offered a cup of coffee, or water. Any medical reports you may have from other medical offices regarding your condition will be tremendously helpful. It gives us a head start on getting a complete picture of your health.

Consultation, Exam & Treatment

After your initial paperwork is completed you will be led to a consultation, where an extensive history will be garnered, and your chiropractor will decide what testing he or she feels needs to be performed to make the proper diagnosis. If you need x-rays, the shots will be taken then and there, and the doctor will review the results with you. Finally, you will receive your first treatment from the doctor.

After your treatment you will be lead back to our front desk, where our staff will get you scheduled for your next visit, take care of any financial concerns, and send you on your way. It is important to note that our dedicated insurance department will make the necessary calls to verify all your insurance information before you leave the first day, so that there is no ambiguity as to what coverage you will have for services in our office.

Learn more about our insurance coverage and payment policies.

Your Second Visit

First State front desk

Your second visit will be very much like a typical office visit. You will sign in with our front desk, and anything that may still need to be reviewed in regards to your insurance, or treatment schedule will be addressed.

If you need to get any therapeutic modalities before seeing the doctor, you will be directed to our therapy room to receive that. You will then be led to an open treatment room to wait for the doctor. Soon after, the doctor will come in, check to see how you are doing, and will perform your chiropractic treatment. Once finished, you will be taken back to the front desk, and will be done for the day.

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