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Backs In Action

First State Health & Wellness Helps Keep the Delaware Blue Coats Moving…Naturally!

First State Health & Wellness, the Official Chiropractic & Wellness Team of the Delaware Blue Coats, is committed to providing a personalized and integrative patient experience. Since launching their practice in 1984, founders Dr. Stacy and Lydia Cohen have created and grown seven offices that serve a wide range of individuals in the Delaware community. Their welcoming atmosphere and extremely knowledgeable staff offer a variety of unique services, while thriving off of seeing successful results from their patients’ treatments.

“Seeing success after success with people getting better is so rewarding,” says Dr. Tiffany Garcia, of the First State Christiana location. Dr. Garcia specializes in chiropractic care and acupuncture, while stressing the importance of taking a natural approach to treatment. “We’re passionate about educating people that there is a natural way of treatment instead of resorting to medication,” says Garcia. “Introducing the Blue Coats to services they might never have tried before gives us an amazing opportunity to reach even more people who may be needlessly suffering or taking unnecessary medications.”

Chiropractic care is easily mistaken as simply a way to care for your back, but it’s much more than that.

At First State, we work to balance the physical, emotional and chemical components of wellness by re-establishing normal spinal mobility, which in turn alleviates irritation to the nervous system.” Dr. Cohen

A Wide Array of Services

Across the seven First State Health & Wellness locations, the services offered include chiropractic care, massage therapy, acupuncture, deep tissue laser therapy, whole-body cryotherapy, functional nutrition and much more. While each player has their own personal treatment preference, Dr. Cohen believes that acupuncture and cupping seem to be the Blue Coats team favorites.

“Acupuncture helps to balance the bodies’ energy and meridians while the players enjoy a chance to relax,” says Dr. Cohen. “Research shows that acupuncture releases the bodies’ natural pain killers and endorphins.” The term ‘cupping’ refers to strategically placing plastic or glass cups on the muscles to create a vacuum. This suction increases blood flow and optimizes the bodies’ own healing capabilities. Julian Jacobs, Blue Coats guard, received this treatment by Dr. Garcia.

“Staying on the prevention side of things makes it a million times easier to stay well-adjusted and feeling good, versus waiting until there’s an issue,” says Dr. Garcia.

Treating Professional Athletes

When the Blue Coats visit First State, nearly every treatment station is being utilized to serve the needs of professional basketball players and their bodies. Dr. Cohen helped Blue Coats guard Darin Johnson with a spinal adjustment to correct any misalignments he had. “I love being adjusted,” says Johnson. “I have a very tight back, so it loosens up a lot of areas and takes a lot of pressure off my lower back specifically.”

Julian Jacobs shares his team’s excitement for First State during one of his visits. “We all love coming here,” he says. “Every time our trainer gives us the option to go to First State, everyone hops right on board.”

The treatments received by the Blue Coats aren’t their only takeaways from their First State visits. The staff ensure that the team is properly educated on being healthy and consistent with their own physical care outside of their offices. Darin Johnson recognizes Dr. Cohen, “He’s very helpful because most chiropractors usually don’t explain what they’re doing, but Dr. Cohen makes it easy to understand how and why he is doing things.”

Jacobs says they’ve learned a lot during their care and advises younger athletes, “You want to eat the right things, drink as much water as possible, stretch – establish a routine.”

Working with the Blue Coats is such an honor, and seeing them get results fuels our efforts.” Dr. Garcia

Are you ready to experience state-of-the-art, professional treatment like the Blue Coats?
Contact us or call 302.454.1200 to schedule a complimentary consultation at one of the seven First State Health & Wellness locations. Talk one-on-one with a doctor to create a personalized game plan!

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