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Achieve Joy and Happiness through Bach Flower Remedies

By Melissa Crispell, CNS, CNHP, CWC


Bach Flower Remedies are a simple system of emotional healing that is so easy-anyone can use them.

“If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change.” – Buddha

When we realize the real cause of disease in our own personality is within our control, we can fearlessly move forward knowing the remedy lies within us. Dr. Edward Bach had a vision for the future physician when he created his flower remedy therapies (known as Bach Flower remedies). “So the physician of the future will have two great aims: the first will be to assist the patient to a knowledge of himself and to point out to him the fundamental mistakes he may be making. Such a physician will have to be a great student of the laws governing humanity and of human nature itself, so that he may recognize in all who come to him those elements that are causing a conflict between the soul and personality.” 

Dr. Edward Bach developed the original Bach Flower Therapy over eighty years ago. Naturopaths, Natural Health Providers, and even celebrities use Bach Flower remedies! Bach Flower remedies are a system of 38 flowers used to correct emotional imbalances, replacing negative emotions with positive ones. They were designed to serve as a simple form of preventative healthcare. Bach Flower remedies help us deal more constructively with the negative behavior patterns such as jealousy, anger, inability to say no, guilt, fear, indecision, worry, and other patterns that are seen as a deeper cause to physical ailments or illness. By better understanding these negative patterns we can begin to reconnect with our true self. Gentle restoration of the balance between the mind and body allows peace and happiness to return and frees the body to heal itself. Bach Flowers may be used to support physiological or medical treatment but should not be used as a replacement.

Selma Hayek mentioned in InStyle magazine that she uses Rescue Pastilles to help with crazy a busy day, to help keep her calm. Both Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz recommend Rescue Remedy and Jennifer Anniston says it keeps her cool under pressure.

It is difficult to categorize the Bach flower system. Bach Flower Remedies are among the subtle methods of healing, similar to classic homeopathy because they don’t act via the physical body but at more subtle levels that directly influence the human energy system. They are also different than essential oils. Essential oils are a hydrophobic liquid that contain the aroma extracted from certain plants while Bach Flowers are the essence of the specific flowers. Bach Flowers do work in conjunction with herbs, homeopathy, and medications. They are safe for everyone, including children, pregnant women, pets, and the elderly.

Bach Flower Remedies are a simple system of emotional healing that is so easy – anyone can use them.

8 Differences between the Bach Flower System and other subtle healing methods:

  1. The Concept – the Bach Flower approach is rooted in a framework that rises above the boundaries of any one human personality and into a more spiritual dimension.
  2. Therapeutic goal: “heal thyself” – this approach calls on people to take responsibility for their own life. Every person has within them what is necessary for healing. If we believe this, then there is no reason to fear illness.
  3. Form of Diagnosis – Instead of relying on physical symptoms, the Bach system relies on “disharmonies” or negative human behavior patterns. Similar to but definitely more comprehensive than homeopathic “mentals.”
  4. Criteria for plant selection – plants that had no poisonous substances and were not food producing were intentionally chosen. Many plants, specifically the trees, had comparable symbolic properties in folk medicine. For example the beech tree is associated with tolerance as the oak tree has a worldwide reputation as standing for strength and stability.
  5. Method of production – the simple, natural production of Bach Flower remedies is different than all other methods known to Western medicine. Both the sun method and boiling method release the healing energies of the Flowers from their material form allowing the energy to bind to the water. This produces a more stable energetic pattern than the ones found in homeopathic remedies.
  6. Gentle and self-regulating effects – Bach Flower Essences work as subtle, nonmaterial impulses. They communicate information through specific, high vibrations that stimulate our innate emotional and mental healing abilities. These are compatible with other healing systems without side effects.
  7. Ability to reach larger number of people – because there are no side affects Bach Flower Remedies are a risk-free, self-healing system. Dr. Bach’s vision was to see Flower Essences make their way into the medicine cabinet of every home.
  8. Simple and basic – As our world grows more complex the word “simple” can easily be mistaken as primitive. Everyone is attracted, maybe not consciously, to simple things in life.

“The greatest gift you can give to others is to be happy and hopeful yourself, then you draw them up out of their despondency.” Edward Bach

Melissa Crispell, CNS, CNHP, CWC, is a certified natural health practitioner, certified wellness coach, certified lifestyle educator, friend of First State Health & Wellness and nationally recognized speaker. She has over 10 years experience as a natural health provider helping clients understand the connection between pH balance, food and chemical sensitivities, physical fitness and their overall health goals. If you’re looking to improve your health, or to explore the benefits of Bach Flower Remedies, call First State Health & Wellness at 302-654-4001 to schedule a consultation.



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