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Liz Abel, LDN, CNS, MS, MA


My philosophy is to focus on what you can do (not on what you can’t do!) I believe that each individual is innately wise and I am committed to supporting your unique path as we work together to restore your vitality and wellness.”

Liz Abel is a Licensed Integrative Nutritionist at the First State Health & Wellness Integrative Health Center.

Liz helps clients feel better. She believes that you are uniquely you and takes great care in understanding your entire health story. She builds a custom protocol, including food, lifestyle, testing and supplementation recommendations, just for you. Ultimately, she believes the most important piece to your success is helping you make small changes that add up to big, sustainable results over time.


Liz holds two master degrees. One is in Nutrition & Integrative Health from Maryland University of Integrative Health. The other is in Communications from Temple University. Liz’s first career in communications solidified her belief that each individual needs a coach to work with them through difficult or long journeys, such as one’s return to vitality and wellness. Liz’s second career as a nutritionist provides the expertise to help her chart the path for each client’s journey.

Liz started her private practice in 2012. She completed 1,000 clinical hours and passed a national board exam to earn the designation, CNS (Certified Nutritionist Specialist). This certification, in addition to a Master’s Degree in Nutrition, is necessary for state licensing as a healthcare professional. In addition to integrative nutrition, Liz completed a functional medicine certificate course in 2014 and has been teaching yoga since 2009.

Liz Abel | Integrative Health Center | (302) 384-7104