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Not feeling 100%? Discover the root cause of your symptoms and achieve the lifestyle you envision! A comprehensive, all-natural approach means that your body will become structurally sound, internally fortified and clearly focused.

One component is not as effective without the others—which is why we’ve assembled a multi-talented team of experts to provide truly integrative health care. Our services include functional nutrition, health coaching, advanced lab testing, natural supplementation, corporate wellness, yoga/mindfulness and inspiring classes and workshops. Integrated with First State’s 6 chiropractic offices, our program offers access to Delaware’s premiere experts in holistic care.

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Functional Nutrition

Healing from the Inside Out

 Led by a licensed integrative nutritionist, our multi-specialty experts will help you halt unhealthy habits and regain control of the daily decision-making skills required to relieve frustrating symptoms and dramatically reduce your risk for chronic disease. Learn more…


Strengthening the Foundation

Restoring proper spinal and nervous system function promotes the body’s natural healing process and optimizes communication between the skin, internal organs and structures of the body to prevent dysfunction, dis-ease and unwanted symptoms!

Intimate Health

Empowering Women to
Renew Sexual Intimacy

Recognizing that intimate health is an important component of our integrative wellness model, addressing this topic fulfills a core piece of the physical, emotional and chemical balance we strive to achieve with our patients.


Inspiration for Everyday Life

Explore, practice and nurture your interests in a supportive, small group environment. Cooking classes, family wellness, yoga/mindfulness, essential oils, and more! Discover techniques that will fit your lifestyle and help you to achieve lasting joy and balance.

Upcoming Classes


Meet Liz Abel, LDN, CNS, MS, MA

Liz Abel and Stacy KellyLiz (pictured left) holds two master degrees. One is in Nutrition & Integrative Health from Maryland University of Integrative Health. The other is in Communications from Temple University. Liz’s first career in communications solidified her belief that each individual needs a coach to work with them through difficult or long journeys, such as one’s return to vitality and wellness. Liz’s second career as a nutritionist provides the expertise to help her chart the path for each client’s journey.
Read More…

Meet Stacy Kelly, CWC, E-RYT

Stacy (pictured right) is a Certified Holistic Health Coach at the First State Health & Wellness Integrative Health Center. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communications and is a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, a 200-hour Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher and Reiki III practitioner. She believes in the power of nourishing
thoughts, nutrition and movement to facilitate health and relief from
emotional and physical suffering. Read More…

I Highly Recommend Both Liz and Stacy

testimonial-cara“I met with Liz Abel, the nutritionist at the First State Integrative Health Center, in May. I had been experiencing itching all over my body but primarily on both my legs for months. Reluctant to go to a doctor, Stacy Kelly at First State recommended I try changing my diet and meeting with their nutritionist. I began with eliminating inflammatory foods for a few months. The good news was ALL my joint pain went away, I lost weight and felt so much better than I had in a long time. Unfortunately, the itching that was keeping me awake EVERY night was not going away and by April I had decided to go to the doctors. I saw two nurse practitioners and an allergist with the result being hundreds of dollars in allergy testing and blood work and lots of prescriptions I didn’t want to take. After four months of itching skin I finally met with Liz for an extremely thorough consultation. By the fourth week the itching was completely gone! Liz really took her time to learn my medical history and health concerns. It was so apparent
how educated she is. I highly recommend both Liz and Stacy and
am so thankful for all their time and expertise!” -Cara L.

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