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Proudly serving North Wilmington since 2013

The North Wilmington area is a well-known close-knit community that values consistency and honesty. As your chiropractor “next to Stanley’s Tavern” we understand you are looking for a friendly atmosphere and a great service. First State Health & Wellness offers thorough examination and management of a variety of health conditions.

Help for all stages of health

Pain Relief: Are you in pain? Dr. Curtis Hollen offers a number of different techniques to help relieve your pain and symptoms. Corrective Care: This is a process involving first alleviating the pain, then correcting the imbalance that caused the pain, preventing future flare ups. Pain is not the problem, it is merely a symptom of an underlying issue that needs to be corrected. Wellness Care: Wellness care means having a regular adjustment, whether that be once a month or once every two weeks, in order to keep your spine in line. We all suffer from one form of stress or another and stress can cause nerve interference within the spine, also known as a subluxation. Wellness care keeps your spine aligned to prevent future health concerns as a result of untreated subluxations.

A focus on education in North Wilmington

Our goal is for you to understand what we do, why we do it, and how chiropractic care will help you heal. We take great care to ensure all of our patients, regardless of their stage of health, are educated about their body and its ability to heal itself.

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First State Health & Wellness | 2036 Foulk Rd, Suite 204 | Wilmington, DE 19810 | (302) 475-4200

  • Dr. Hollen is awesome! Relieved my elbow pain in one visit & my back/hips are feeling better too.

    - Jenny F.
  • Started coming when I was getting neck, back and shoulder pain from my work from home desk and chair, neither of which are adjustable. I was really in pain and hoped an adjustment would help a little bit. It was my first time seeing a chiropractor and I was AMAZED at how good I felt after one treatment! Pain free immediately! I graduated to once a month visits and I love it! Feel great, no pain at all anymore! Thank you Dr. Hollen!!

    - Alaina P.
  • I came into the Foulk Road office a couple of months ago with severe back pain from my past youth sports. I saw Dr. Curtis Hollen for a couple of months and started seeing drastic changes. Just over the matter of 5-6 months. These doctors are very knowledgeable & know what they’re doing.

    - Nic M.
  • Great place, highly recommended!

    - James W.
  • I love the Foulk Road location. It’s convenient, the staff is very friendly, and my treatments have helped immensely.

    - Jordan L.
  • My achillies/left ankle was having very sharp pain every time I walked or used my left foot. I went and saw Dr.Hollen after I came back from my trip. Within 1 visit with him, I was able to fully walk on my left foot, with minimal pain and able to use stairs properly. Dr.Hollen has been fantastic to me, will be coming back any time I need any chiropractic/pain help and will continue to use him to keep my body in tune.

    - Askin G.

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